“Integration into society”

The overwhelming majority of Russian-speakers in Estonia experience difficulties in integrating into society, few have friends in Estonian-speaking communities and do not particularly understand what kind of integration we are talking about.

How are the successes in promoting the dialogue of cultures in Estonia going, what is the future of Russian-speaking students, what challenges do we still have to face?

You will find out soon in an interview with the head of the Integration Foundation Irene Käosaar.

“Bullying and children’s rights”

In the era of coronavirus, schoolchildren spent more time at home, alone with their parents and social media, where they are sometimes in danger of being ridiculed and harassed.

How the types of bullying have changed in Estonia, what programs to prevent bullying exist and who is helping to protect the rights of children and young people, our guest, representative of the Union for the Protection of Children, Alexandra Munts-Avajõe, told.